“I started loving you before I fell in love’

``I started loving you before I fell in love'

At 26 years old, Rava Viti receives passionate appreciation on social networks from Tata Wernick.

Party day at home Rava Viti (26)! That’s because, on Tuesday, 02, the actor celebrates his birthday.

Always very affectionate (and funny) of course Tata Wernick (38) He did not leave history blank.

The presenter on Instagram has posted a series of ten flicks with her husband over the years.

“I started loving you before I fell in love. I wanted peace. Trust. Be loved. Love without fear. I gained more than that: you gave me a family”Started at the subtitle. “You teach me to suffer only when I really need it. Teach me that life should be lived simply”.

“What a young man can eat from his nest milk, sugar, chocolate and condensed milk every day because if you add strawberries, the fruit makes the dish healthy. You prove to me every day that the gods have the best father in the world. When I thank you do you ask ‘why’? You look good in Every picture you take. When you see my camera roll, she laughs, she hits me and says “You look so cute in pictures” (usually these are pictures where my nose looks like my “loose”)”, he completed.

“You always wake up scared and I have a lot of movies about it, which I will release in time. I have a beautiful picture of you in the bathroom, because you make sure to fill me with everything that happens in your gut. I love your joy. I admire your wisdom. But I really fell in love with your heart ( Well. Great body too.) Our goddess is the fruit of a much-criticized love, but she came to show that in the face of so many shadows, the light was made: this Wi-Fi mini LED lamppost”, continued Referring to Clara Maria (2).

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“Long live our family. Long live my love. Anyone who writes “that’s about it and that’s okay” will be banned. Just a cliché, our love is worth watching again. Merry Christmas, Santa L”, the comedian finally wished.

Check out Tata Wernick’s tribute to Rava Viti’s birthday:

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