I heard Juliette Vie say he would nominate a generation and defend his brother

I heard Juliette Vie say he would nominate a generation and defend his brother

in a party “BBB 21 “, during dawn today, Viih Tube and Juliet took a break from fun to talk about the 12th wall formation of the 12th wall. Reality show From Rede Globo.

Juliet begins it by stating that she has Caio, Arthur, and Pocah in her sight and will choose the target of her vote in sect depending on the voting dynamics.

Not in order of preference: Arthur, Caillou, and Buckah. Depending on the game, one of the three goes. Then if it is to protect one of you, then I change, but I choose one of the three to protect myself, just for that.

Fei Tube admitted, afterward, that he was suspicious of Gilberto and Fuk, but said he was unable to nominate the singer because of a good friendship.

I can’t wear Fiuk. I can not. No generation as well, but less than Fiuk. So, there’s no way … I wanted to be a leader, but without signaling.

Juliet commented that she had a conversation with Gilberto and tried to calm him down because he was afraid to go against the wall.

Do what your heart tells you and the audience will decide what to tell you Yeah See outside. Because I, Juliet, wouldn’t wear it now, but I realize the reasons you’ll be raising it … I said to him this way: I don’t know and I think it’s not an easy decision. She told me everyone is the same and they will decide. ‘ This is my opinion.

Afterward, Juliet says that Jill was grieving with fear of going to the wall and told her friend that her brother wasn’t going to nominate her if he was the Leader’s Test winner.

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Sad generation, he even cried, but ready. He said he loves you so much and he wouldn’t point you if you were a captain … let’s see what the game would be like, right. My advice to you is to follow your heart and that’s it.

Viih Tube was confused after the sister made a statement about her brother and commented that it was good to know that he imagined him being in the net in the nomination. “The reason is that it is not a priority for me anymore … I am happy that he is ready,” he concluded.

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