“I haven’t put a hot dog in my mouth in 3 years,” Joyce says of the diet.

“I haven’t put a hot dog in my mouth in 3 years,” Joyce says of the diet.

The former MP says she follows a strict routine to maintain a fit body at 45; I have lost 24 kg since 2020

Former federal MP Joyce Hasselman He said this Friday (October 27, 2023) that there is no place “Fried foods, soft drinks and sausages” In my mouth for 3 years. “Cookies or processed snacks are no longer part of my daily life. That’s why I’m getting hotter and hotter.”The former congresswoman said in an interview with the newspaper the world.

Since 2020, Joyce has lost 24 kg. He said he felt he had ” “The body of a 28-year-old person.” and that “Secret” To maintain physical structure at the age of 45 is “Eat the right amounts at the right times.” Moreover, he stated that “To maintain weight” You need to eat “Delicious food and what you like to eat”.

The former congresswoman followsJH Protocol“, his own course that promises weight loss “Quick, healthy and delicious, without the hassleThe course is announced on the official website: “Lose up to 32kg of fat without gaining weight again”. The cost of monitoring is R$2,594, and according to the platform, there is already a waiting list.

“A follower said these days that he wants to lose weight, but he does not eat vegetables, fruits and vegetables, so I told him to buy a good funeral plan, because nutritional re-education to improve health and have a healthier life are those sacrifices.”“, announced the journalist.

Regarding her physical exercise routine, the former MP said that she exercises 7 times a week with A personal trainer. “My personal trainer asks me to rest and I don’t want to. He asks me to reduce weight and I ask me to increase it. […] I never imagined my waist would be 65 inchesHe said.

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Joyce Hasselmann was the second most voted federal MP in the 2018 election with 1,078,666 votes, behind only Eduardo Bolsonaro (pl-sp). However, she was not re-elected in 2022 when she received 13,679 votes. The journalist lost more than a million votes between the elections.

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