“I have separate clothes in case I need to talk,” says Zizi Di Camargo’s son about the fight with Gracielli celebrities

“I have separate clothes in case I need to talk,” says Zizi Di Camargo’s son about the fight with Gracielli  celebrities
Amabile Iroa with Igor CamargoInternet clone

Published on 12/07/2023 at 07:56


Rio – Igor Camargo, Zizi de Camargo’s son, spoke about the fact that the court forced his wife, Amabelle Iroa, to delete the posts she made about the case against Graciele Lacerda, Zizi’s wife. Amabile also had to clear up accusations that Gracielli had a fake profile to attack the women of the Camargo family online.

Igor denied that Gracielli had achieved a victory in court, and said the decision was only to deal with the case outside the media. “Attention! A new definition of victory: ‘Let’s discuss it in court, not in the media, okay?’. It’s up to each other now, you see?! I also have my clothes separated, in case I need to speak out,” he said. Son of a country singer.

Understand the confusion

Amabelle Iroa, wife of Igor Camargo, who is the son of Zizi de Camargo and Zilo Godoy, accused Gracielle Lacerda, Zizi’s current wife, of creating a fake Instagram profile to abuse the women of the Camargo family. According to Amabile, she hired a specialized company and discovered that the email associated with the fake profile’s IP address was from Graciele.

“The person named Graciel Lacerda, who sowed chaos based on a web of lies and manipulation, should know that the merciless hour of truth has struck,” Amabile wrote on social media. “You took risks to carry out actions behind the fake @prisciladantas568 here on the internet, and after finding out it created chaos within the family, singling out innocent people who never did you any harm, they just found out that you were doing harm,” he added.

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He concluded by saying: “The truth that I cried so much for has arrived like a sharp sword. It will cut the chains of deception and reveal the truth that you, your followers, and the sycophants tried to hide, overturn, and slander.”

Recently, Zizi Di Camargo defended Gracielli and said that everything will be resolved in court. However, the citizen confirmed that Gracielli did indeed create a fake profile, but only to defend herself from attacks on social media. The citizen also said that this is a common practice among celebrities.


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