“I don’t want bad guys around me”

Jill says he doesn't want to be friends with Viih Tube and Karol Conká

Not everything that happened in “BBB 21” remained at home. Here, for example, Gilberto wants to distance himself from some of the former sisters of the edition who disagreed with him. During a conversation with Blogueirinha, on Multishow’s “Hard to Focus,” Monday night, the economist said he stopped following Viih Tube on Instagram as soon as he left the reality show and that he didn’t want to be friends with Karol Conká.

Gilles de Vigor explained that he decided to turn away from the rapper when he realized that she had acted in bad faith in his quarrel with Arthur, which made him freak out and nearly gave up the show.

Fuc and Gil do not follow Viih tube; Juliet just doesn’t follow brother: see who doesn’t follow after the end ‘BBB 21’

“I didn’t talk to Carol. I think there’s nothing I see being attacked, she deserves respect, but friendship, I don’t want that, no. In that fight with Arthur, she destabilized me, and emotionally disturbed me. I was so bad that I wanted to leave.” From the game. I think there is an end to the game. Actually, that was mean. She deserves respect, and she has to follow her life here, but I don’t want to be friends, because I don’t want bad people around me, ”said the former BBB.

About Viih Tube, he said he was badly hurt when, here, he heard about the things the Youtuber was talking about behind his back.

“I stopped following Viih Tube (on Instagram). When I left the program, I was bombarded with information, and immediately stopped following it. Then I processed this information. And I understood that in the case of Viih Tube, when there was a quarrel with Pocah, I went into the room and got down the firewood.” Ali. Since I lived, she came to say that she did not speak bad about me, and behind my back the stick fell on me. Just here, talking, when I find her, I will say hello, good morning, I hug and say well. I am not angry, just to be friends, to go out together, No. They followed her after the harm was over, but I have so much to do that I forgot. “

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Pernambucan also commented on his friendship with “BBB 21” heroine Juliet and revealed that Sarah Andrade will always be his closest friend.

“Sarah is my first catwalk, my eternal love. Joe comes later, but also with the most love and the greatest respect.”

Jill says he does not want to be friends with Viih Tube and Karol Conká Photo: Reproduction / Instagram and Gshow

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