‘I don’t feel like I’m seventy years old’

‘I don’t feel like I’m seventy years old’

Claudia Alencar, considered one of the eighties’ greatest inspirers, He has been dispelling the joy in his public appearances And also on social networks. The 70-year-old actress exercises daily, regulates her diet well, and uses her own experience to teach young people how to take care of themselves.

“I work on a treadmill, stretch. I have a healthy diet and talk about it, because I know the best medicine is food. I don’t feel like 70, I’m 50. When I was 50, he was 30. I’ve never been that old. I have it, it is always less than I have, ”he joked in an interview with Kim.

She revealed that at the age of 40, she was in an existential crisis that made her change the way she dealt with her health. “When you joined us”enta ‘I stopped smoking and started studying health, body, meditation and yoga. This is when I became expert And I kept my youth, “he explained, afterwards telling him that he had cut foods he considered” toxic “from his diet.

I cut out salt, sugar, jam, pasta, sour cream, sausage, sausage, fujuada and frying. I cut everything so I could stay alive with health for longer. Health brings beauty and mental health.

During the pandemic period, Claudia devoted herself more to caring for body and mind. “I spend the day writing, drawing, reading and doing a lot of physical exercise every day. At night, I meditate. I surf the Internet in the late afternoon. It’s relaxing. I also look at the mountains, the sky, and I call friends. It’s time to relax,” he said.

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The actress spoke of her children (“They are amazing, amazing professionals, friends, gifts from God in my life Yan It’s when Crystal It is a joy in my life ”), and declared it to be in vain, after undergoing plastic surgery before reaching the age of 40 (“ I had plastic surgery with 38, because my doctor said it lasts longer. Every now and then, I wear botox. But no, I need to. To a lot. My skin is soft, very hydrated, and I don’t need these things ”).

However, what she misses most today is working as an actress. “I wasn’t called for anything. If I was a 70-year-old woman, I would be called more. With my health and my beauty, they don’t know what to do with me. I’d like to do a series on Globoplay, on Netflix, on Prime Video. I’d like to come back to the filming site.” , He said.

Claudia also said that she does not consider herself to be very old. “I am not old because I raise my legs there. I have resilience and health. I love to dance, go out with my boys and girls and my friends. I go on with my normal life. I am no longer tired. My father got married at 85 years old and he dances the tango and kisses his tongue at the wedding.”

“I flirt a lot. I have many friends that we meet and whom we give a” girlfriend “, but no”Girlfriend ‘. I only had one like that, he went to the US. Now I find some. I didn’t get involved, not out of prejudice or anything. But because of the lack of imagination, “he stressed.

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