“I didn't want to believe it,” Pedro Manso says of the dementia diagnosis.

“I didn't want to believe it,” Pedro Manso says of the dementia diagnosis.

Comedian Pedro Manso revealed to fans that he had been diagnosed with dementia and expressed his regret that he had forgotten a scheduled interview with his friend Antonio Carlos.

Pedro Manso

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In a post issued on Monday, the 26th of this month, the comedian Pedro Manso He revealed that he had been diagnosed with dementia. He said: “Unfortunately, the news I have to share with you, my friends and fans, is not good at all. I have a very serious problem with dementia, and very serious forgetfulness.”

“I decided to pass it on to you and I came to this conclusion. I didn't want to believe it, but unfortunately I have to accept it and ask God to give me treatment and protect me and warn many of those who said in the video: 'I will face the same problem.'

The comedian also expressed his regret for forgetting an interview: “Today, the day of the comedian, I had an interview scheduled at eight o'clock in the morning on the program “Antonio Carlos Show” on Radio Tubi, and unfortunately, I did not remember anything, only after I woke up and saw the different messages. A thousand apologies to my old and dear friend Antonio Carlos, to whom I am very grateful for my career. But it was not out of malice, my friend. I must confess that I am ill, he said, with this problem of dementia and forgetfulness.

In the comments of the post, Manso's fans expressed their support for the artist. One follower wrote: “You are bigger than all of this. God is with you and the Brazilian people need your joy.” Another said: “May God restore your health, my brother.”

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