“I didn’t like it” · TV news

"I didn't like it" · TV news

pure as usual Gustavo Marcingo claimed victory Arthur Agyar In the BBB 22. The investor explained that Myra Cardi’s husband shouldn’t have won the reality show title for “several reasons,” but avoided mentioning them. “I didn’t like it,” he was shot during the special Dia 101, shown on Thursday (28).

In a conversation with Tadeu Schmidt in the grunge room, Arthur talks about his rivalry with his former confinement classmate.

The actor said, “Gustavo and I, we always had problems, we decided to get over them because of the relationship with the boys. This was never resolved.”

After the presenter asked him why he was frustrated even after winning the attraction, the artist justified:

I’m tired, emotionally I’m on my limits, emotionally drained. I saw a lot of comments squeezed [minha trajetória]. I just know how stressful it was [participar de] All discord games. It brought up so many triggers in my head, I thought so many times about giving up, and I didn’t give up because of my family.

After that, Tado asked Gustavo if he was happy with the fact that Arthur had been selected to receive a prize of R$1.5 million. “I didn’t like it, I didn’t like it for various reasons, not only because I didn’t win, but I think a lot of people who left the show should have been on the show. Lena couldn’t leave with 77% rejected, I’m looking for 81% rejected,” the investor replied.

“As a player, I agree with the player winning. Obviously I wanted both PA or DG to win, but I understand Arthur played more than PA and DG. I realize his merit because he played with his strategy and won. There is nothing to talk about,” he added.

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In addition to Gustavo, Giselan Alves also criticized the result of the final of Big Brother Brazil 22 during the special on Thursday (28). “Arthur flew the flags a few times about going to the wall multiple times, the general manager went to the wall eight times, made it to the final and wasn’t a hero. It’s a story that I think is more relevant, more participatory than Arthur,” the teacher commented.

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