Hugo shows meanness towards Helena

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The next chapters of Save yourself who canAnd the Helena Flavia Alessandra is excited to find out Hugo (Leopoldo Pacheco) manages to hide the only memory she has of Luna (Juliana Paiva) and Mario (Murilo Rosa).

It’s a picture of her old family that, even then, she thought had been undone. “As long as you don’t return the photo to me and download that tune, there is no conversation!”, starts her.

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What a relief: “I’m tired of hiding my past, Hugo! I’m tired of pretending that Luna and Mario never existed in my life! Mario and Luna aren’t my old family. They’re my forever!”, reports that Helena is taking the picture from Hugo’s hand.

“Take that nonsense home, and see if it hides well! Honestly, I never should have gotten that photo back!”Hugo complains on his way out. Helena is shocked to find out that Luna is not dead. “You will always be my family, my love. Start”The businesswoman concludes holding the photo.

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