How to safely embrace the epidemic

On Cuddle Day, experts explain how to celebrate gracefully
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Human contact is returning little by little – modified by pandemic, it is clear. And while you may not be in a hurry to shake hands or hand greetings, there is likely to be a display of affection you crave: the hug!

For the British, this is indeed possible, but in moderation. British officials gave their residents the green light to resume “a cautious hug” in early May. It’s an intriguing guidebook for residents famous for being reserved, but it’s a milestone that benefits fully vaccinated and unvaccinated people who have lost physical contact during the pandemic. Covid-19.

What is a “careful hug”? We asked two doctors in the US who have been following Covid-19 since the start – Medical Analyst at CNNLena Wayne, Professor of Infectious Diseases at Vanderbilt University, Dr. William Schaffner.

On the National Embrace Day celebration date (May 22), experts offer tips to safely celebrate this physical contact:

Without delay and wearing a mask

A safe hug should be outside and without face-to-face contact. “If an unvaccinated person wants to hug another person, he or she should The mask is worn. And be brief, “Schaffner says.

Young They can hug their fortified loved ones in the waist (no kisses!). Schaffner said keeping the face away from the cuddled person’s face is key here.

He added that teenagers should wear a mask during the hug and also keep away from the face of the other person.

The vaccination can be incubated without fear

People who have been fully vaccinated “They can embrace them without restrictions, including indoors and without masks,” said Wayne, who is also a visiting professor of health policy and management at the Milken Institute of Public Health at George Washington University.

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Vaccines are free to incubate their parents and grandparents who are also vaccinated for as long as they want. You can also hug a new acquaintance or romantic partner, as long as they are also fully vaccinated.

The exception here is for people who are immunocompromised or anyone who may not receive all of the benefits of being vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine. In such cases, Wayne and Schaffner said, careful hug guidelines are essential.

And if you’re not ready to hug anyone yet, that’s okay too. Until a few months ago, this gesture was out of the question, and it is a major change in the way we have lived since March 2020. Long live Life after a vaccine gallon.

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