How to quickly detect a lie; science reveals

How to quickly detect a lie;  science reveals

HIG (High Value Detainee Interrogation Group, or High Value Interrogation Group) specializes in creating Lie detector. Behavior expert Eric Parker used the same material to develop his own method. Its language translates technical terms, facilitating the use of these practices in everyday life.

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Among the institutions that follow a similar pattern are the FBI (Central Intelligence Agency) and the US Department of Defense. Knowledge about identifying misinformation is increasingly being recognized. Parameters are related to the analysis of thoughts and actions, based on strategic situations.

Find out if someone is lying to you quickly with these initiatives

Be nice to a liar

By being kind and gentle with someone, he will be more open to revealing his true interests. Depending on the way the other expresses himself in relation to his friends, speaks badly behind his back and acts with prejudice, begin to distrust his character.

Don’t rely entirely on body language

Although it’s so prevalent online these days, body language can be confusing. The situation is often used by others to express confidence or make a good impression, even if it is something detached from reality.

Ask surprising questions

He broke the dialogue by asking about something fishy in the colleague, trying to see if there was any embarrassment. If you identify the absence of expressions and a certain redness, then perhaps the individual is lying.

Use strategic guides

Bring up important points and the topic itself, trying to check for inconsistencies in the words of others. When asked the same question twice, those who don’t lie, end up repeating the answer

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Don’t challenge the liar too early

Do not be assertive, because the person can realize your lack of confidence, start to walk away or even change the way you act to continue deceiving.

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