How to clean a hair dryer and improve its functionality and health through this process

How to clean a hair dryer and improve its functionality and health through this process

Vargem Grande Paulista, May 14, 2022, By Beatriz Ojeda – Have you ever stopped to think when was the last time you sanitized any of your devices? look exactly How to clean a hair dryer And it will end up not only leaving it in perfect condition, if not, but also getting rid of any bacteria or fungi present in that item.

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Some people end up using household appliances every day without thinking about the bacteria that might be present. However, the AgroNews I thought about it exactly How to clean a hair dryer. From a simple step, you will get a great result.

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How to clean a hair dryer

How to clean a hair dryer and improve functionality and health with this process (Photo: Canva Pro)

according to Qualitá practical home There are several alternatives to starting a hair dryer cleaning, depending on the model. However, it is always necessary to check the user manual for possible specific recommendations. But the process is very similar. It is worth starting with the steps below.

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Therefore, first of all, it is necessary that this element be completely unplugged and also cool in order to avoid any problems. Then clean the outside surface with a slightly damp cloth or a damp cloth. Also, it is important to remember the mesh and the wire part before completing this part.

Next, clean the air inlet of the dryer and, if possible, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to be able to remove the filter. In this part it is possible to find stuck and compressed hair and dirt, which makes it difficult for air to escape. Thus, you will be able to leave it flawless so that you do not suffer from fungus or problems with this device.

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Extra care

Finally, now that you know How to clean a hair dryer It is important to remember to follow this process at least once every 15 days. However, never use abrasive products or large amounts of water, as this will damage this device and could cause more damage than results. Thus, you will be able to feel free from fungi and problems that your device can transmit.

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