How much would Unimed pay to buy a century-old hospital in SC?

How much would Unimed pay to buy a century-old hospital in SC?

New owners take over management of Santa Catarina Hospital in July (Image: Disclosure)

Negotiation was facilitated on friendly terms, taking into account the scale of the operation Santa Catarina Hospital for sale For the Unimed Blumenau team, which was confirmed in the meetings last week. For the century-old traditional hospital unit, the doctors' cooperative will pay 225 million Brazilian reais, it was learned from sources familiar with the negotiations.

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Payment will be made in 180 monthly installments of R$1.25 million, i.e. over 15 years, with interest adjusted. Stretching is unusual in transactions of this type. For Unimed, the deal is particularly favorable because it preserves cash in the short term, without immediately committing a large sum of money.

Behind the scenes of the proposed purchase of Santa Catarina Hospital by Unimed Blumenau

The deal only includes existing facilities and does not cover New construction project Which must be set up on the foreground. This new development, which will include commercial rooms dedicated to clinics and laboratories, will remain under the umbrella of União Paroquial Luterana, which maintains the hospital.

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After a survey of national health groups, including names such as Dasa, NotreDame and D'or, the column found that Hospital Santa Catarina chose the most relaxed approach possible. The article had already made it clear that Lutheran would not give up some requirements in a potential sale, including maintaining charities and partnerships with providers such as Unimed Blumenau itself.

One of the points that influenced the completion of the deal was ensuring that service indicators and standards were maintained by buyers, certified by quality certificates. Being a local operator, Unimed Blumenau was also a good alternative to Lutheran, to keep management close by.

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The new owners will take over management of Santa Catarina Hospital in July, with expansion plans that include the installation of four new operating rooms and, later, the creation of more hospital beds. In the second phase, already benefiting from the company's potential financial synergies, the plan is to resume work at the abandoned Unimed Hospital in Vila Nova, which should be converted into a pediatric and maternity unit.

When contacted Santa Catarina Hospital and Unimed Blumenau, they informed that for reasons of contractual confidentiality, they do not comment on the financial terms of the deal.

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