How many horses do you see in this picture? See if I understood it correctly!

How many horses do you see in this picture?  See if I understood it correctly!

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Illusion tests are important because they help us understand how the brain processes and interprets visual information. They show how the brain can be deceived and how expectations and beliefs can influence cognition.

It is important to remember that testing an optical illusion exercises parts of the brain associated with perception. Some of them are our observation, discrimination, and ability to perceive different shapes and objects. In addition, it is an excellent stimulant for our concentration.

With all of this at stake, it’s always difficult to get a test going. And even more so, if you make one like the next, as there is an illusion within the illusion itself.

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Note below a painting by American artist Bev Doolittle. She is known worldwide for making watercolor art, painting about the nature of the United States, with its abundant fauna, flora, and landscape. In this painting, we will notice that the artist intentionally created an illusion of illusion.

Watch the picture for ten seconds

Source: Bev Doolittle

what did you find?

If you see three camouflaged horses, congratulations. If you don’t find anything, you still have another chance.

Fix it again. again for ten seconds.

Found five camouflaged horses?

If those who did not find anything before the three now find it, congratulations. Your cognitive skills are up to date.

But for those who find five horses this second time around, wow! I was able to test your perception further by hitting the illusion of an optical illusion. How challenging huh!

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People usually find three horses. The three are in the middle of the board. Only, in fact, there are five because there is the smallest, a puppy, on the right side of the picture. and another, larger, on the left side of the painting, as if turned away from the other images.

See resolution below.

Source: Bev Doolittle

Did you see this nifty quiz? Feels like a great optical illusion player.

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