How long is the GTA 6 campaign? According to rumors, more than GTA 5

How long is the GTA 6 campaign?  According to rumors, more than GTA 5

Here we are faced with more leaked information about Grand theft auto 6. If the statements made by YouTube user LegacyKillaHD are confirmed, The new game shouldn't have a campaign much larger than the one we saw in it GTA 5, Which lasted an average of 32 hours.

According to the information provided by the YouTuber in a message on X, GTA 6 You should have a campaign that lasts, on average, Somewhere between 35 and 40 hours. Therefore, the next game in the series will still not be able to surpass what was seen in it red dead redemption 2, It takes between 50 and 85 hours to reach the end of the journey.

It is worth noting that LegacyKillaHD was the same person who, in 2021, We released the information that we would have a woman as the protagonist GTA 6. He also noted that it's been a while since he's had this information about the campaign, so that number may have changed. Another point is that this data does not take into account additional tasks, only the main content.

“I will keep saying this, but believe me if you want. Nothing I have shared has been proven wrong. I had the same reaction a few months ago when I said that I had heard that 2025 was the release date,” the informant commented in another message on the social network.

So far, GTA 6 There is no specific release date, as it has been confirmed for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series

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