How long after vesting will your name expire in the SPC? We know

How long after vesting will your name expire in the SPC?  We know

According to data from Cerasa, as of August this year, 71.74 million Brazilians were in default. The number represents an increase of 320,000 compared to the previous month. It is not known among those who default on their bills that a debt can make a person’s name “negative”, meaning that the debtor becomes part of the SPC and Serasa records.

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With their names on these lists, consumers face obstacles in obtaining loans or applying for a credit card. But the doubt circulating among Brazilians in this case is: the time limit for the creditor to register the debtor in institutions Credit restriction. After all, is there a deadline for this?

Inserting the debtor’s name in the records of those rejected

Published information indicates that the Consumer Protection Law, after the due date, does not stipulate a minimum limit for the creditor to include the holder of late invoices in agencies, but experts point out that companies usually wait a month or more to receive late invoices. Continue registering.

Although there is no set minimum term, Serasa itself explains that the name is not passive once the debt is due. In a memo sent to CNN, the agency explained that the debtor’s name will not appear the day after the delay, because the procedure is not automatic.

a Negative They can be ordered shortly after, but the process requires a few steps.

The first consists of the bank notifying the customer of the possibility that his name will be negative, and therefore, the consumer will be able to count on a period of time, to repay and negotiate the debt. Due to the creditor’s initiative, it is difficult to determine how long the name will be on the records.

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Regarding the maximum duration, the question already involves a very common belief among the population that the debt will expire in five years, that is, it will cease to exist. The information disclosed indicates that the debt is no longer registered with SirasaBut this does not mean that he is pardoned, that is, even if the name is not included in the records, the person will still be in debt, and for this reason, he needs to look for ways to settle the situation.

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