How do scientists want to turn white bread into a healthy food? health

How do scientists want to turn white bread into a healthy food?  health

Chris Hollister's dream is to make a more nutritious loaf of white bread – Photograph: BBC/Kevin Church

Scientists are trying to create A new type of bread that is as healthy as wholemeal breadBut it looks and tastes like white bread.

This project targets white bread lovers, and is funded by the UK government Increasing the health benefits of food in the country.

The researchers plan to add small amounts of peas, grains and cereals to the bread dough, in addition to bran and wheat germ, which are typically removed from white flour.

Bread makers have tried to make white bread healthier in the past by adding wheat bran to flour, but consumers didn't like the taste or texture.

The research project is still in the early stages of development.

Catherine Howarth, from Aberystwyth University, in the UK, is one of the project leaders. She said that scientists have begun to analyze the detailed chemical composition of the white flour found.

According to her, Increase nutritional values ​​to the level of whole grain bread At the same time, Preserving the flavor and texture of white breadIt's a delicate exercise in balance.

This includes adding smaller amounts of wheat germ and part of the bran that is removed in the milling process, in addition to adding other grains rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, such as quinoa, teff, sorghum and millet. Peas and chickpeas will provide additional protein.

“We want to know exactly what vitamins and minerals we lose during the milling process,” she explains.

“By using other grains, we can increase the levels of iron, zinc, vitamins and, most importantly, the fiber content, because white bread contains very little fibre, which is very important for health.”

He says about this challenge: “Most people know that wholemeal bread is better, but many of them are put off by its taste, or because it is not what they are used to, and they are simply not interested in it.”

The final step will be to test the new bread with consumers to see if they can differentiate it from sliced ​​white bread sold in supermarkets.

Hollister used me as a guinea pig to sample an early prototype made from a mixture of plain white flour with some grains and peas added.

It was crispier than the slices of white bread you buy at the supermarket – but other than that it looked and tasted like white bread.

However, there is a lot of work to be done.

The new product is expected to be available on supermarket shelves in about two years.

The research team believes their approach will be successful because, they add Only the inner bran layer has a less strong flavor and color. They say they will need to add less because they are using other grains that are more nutritious but have a less strong flavor.

Hey White bread must contain added minerals and vitamins by law to make up for the benefits lost in the refining process. But Amanda Lloyd, who works with manufacturers Howarth and Holister, believes using natural ingredients would make sliced ​​white bread healthier.

“If the nutritional quality of standard basic bread is improved, people's quality of life, health and well-being will improve,” Lloyd points out.

Tim Lang, professor of food policy at City University of London, who is not part of the research team, says this work could be an important step towards improving people's health.

“The British have had a love affair with white bread for more than a century, and nutritionists have been trying to convince more people to eat whole grains,” he says.

“The new research seems to be a very interesting approach to doing this.”

“Critics might say it's tricking people into improving their diet, but nutritionists would say it doesn't matter how it's done – what matters is that people use it to improve their health!”

“But it remains to be seen whether this new approach will work,” he adds.

According to the British Dietitian Association (BDA), The risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes may be up to 30% lower in people who regularly consume whole grains. — It can also reduce the risk of bowel cancer.

Also according to the BDA, research shows this 95% of adults do not eat enough whole grains – And nearly one in three do not consume anything.

It wasn't always this way, according to Chris Hollister.

“Previously, white bread was reserved for the upper class, because it was a refined product, and much more expensive than whole grain bread. That's what made everyone want white bread, because it seemed to have a certain status.”

But Chris doesn't think this circle will close, because many people are used to eating white bread.

“White bread is much cheaper than wholemeal bread because companies are equipped to produce it. It's also what most people are used to.”

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