How did Casemiro react to Chico Moedas’ betrayal of Luisa Sunza?

How did Casemiro react to Chico Moedas’ betrayal of Luisa Sunza?

Hey Streamer Today, Wednesday (20), Casemiro Miguel commented on Chico Moedas’s betrayal of Luisa Sunza. Marital infidelity was the reason for the couple’s separation, which was announced in the morning. Kazi detailed the conversation with his friend Chico.

“I went to see Chico again yesterday (Tuesday, the 19th). Chico looked like an idiot in the corner. I went to talk to him and he told me what he had done. I said, ‘Damn, what the f***’.” “That’s what this kid did. And that’s it, I went home and slept,” he said.

Casemiro reported that his wife, Ana Beatriz, was responsible for informing him about Luisa Sonza’s appearance on Ana Maria Braga’s Mais Você program, on Globo, on Wednesday. Since then, Kazi said he has not been able to talk to Chico anymore.

“Today I didn’t talk to Chico properly, he lost his words WhatsApp. His number was leaked and he received many “travazaps”. I sent him a message and he did not receive the message. Instagram, he lost. He did not deactivate Instagram. He revealed that his Instagram account received so many complaints that it crashed.

Carioca admitted that he was disturbed by his friend’s position. Casemiro also revealed that he will have a chat with Chico about the whole situation.

“I’m friends with Chico, I’ll talk to him, we’ll talk later. I’m upset, people are insulting me on Instagram. “Don’t say anything, you son of a bitch, you’re protecting your friend. It’s like I’m hiding him under the table. I’m upset, what can I do?” “I’m upset, but that’s okay.”

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