How did Bruno Mars discover the “evidence”? The reason will surprise you!

How did Bruno Mars discover the “evidence”?  The reason will surprise you!

There is no doubt that “certificate“It is the national anthem of Brazil more than the official anthem of our country. The proof of this is that the song crosses generations and is loved by several tribes.

A scene that happened recently inCity“In fact, the song has fans excited: Bruno Mars played it on stage and the reason behind what happened is very cute.

The singer gave a real performance for the country. In addition to performing all the hit songs and providing exciting choreography, he would joke with the audience, call himself “Bruninho,” and use other Portuguese words on stage.

In addition to all this, what raised eyebrows was the song “Evidências” that was played during the show.

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Understand why the song was chosen

At first, everyone thought it was the work of Brazilian guitarist Mateus Asato, because he usually accompanies it Bruno Mars On their tours.

However, the guitarist is now pursuing a solo career and said he had nothing to do with the situation. But first, “the Brazilian way,” he joked that he was going to propose the song at a barbecue at Naldo Bini’s house.

However, it was the singer’s keyboard player, John Fawcett, who explained what really happened. In an interview with conditionHe stated that the proposal did not come from Asato, but from himself.

The musician, who performed a solo during the show, said he wanted to do something special right now. So, he asked for help from a Brazilian friend who lives in we.

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After being part of Bruno Mars’ band for 11 years, Fawcett said he wanted a popular song and then came across “Evidências.” Since then, the song was chosen by him not only because of its popularity, but because the keyboardist fell in love with the melody.

“I asked a friend to suggest some famous Brazilian songs. I had heard a few songs, but as soon as I heard the intro to ‘Evidências’, I knew it was the song. So I studied for a few days and just hoped the audience would sing along when I started playing.

Public reaction City Fawcett was not left disappointed. As soon as he started playing, everyone followed in a deafening chorus that went viral on the internet.

And at Bruno Mars and his band’s second show, there was anxiety to see if Fawcett would repeat the feat and play “Evidências” again. The keyboardist was surprised.

According to him, he never thought this would happen. However, there is no denying that the song of José Augusto and Paulo Sergio Valle is present in everyone’s hearts and this has been proven in The Town: “Evidências” unites the most different tribes.

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