Homemade recipe for a healthy body

Homemade recipe for a healthy body


It is a fact or event of journalistic interest. It may be new or recent information. It is also about something new about an already known situation.


A text dominated by opinion. It expresses the author's view, but not necessarily the newspaper's opinion. It can be written by journalists or experts from different fields.


A report that highlights unknown facts or events, with strong denouncing content. It requires specific techniques and resources.

Content commerce

Editorial content provides the reader with a shopping environment.


It is the interpretation of news taking into account information that goes beyond the narrated facts. It uses data, bringing developments and forecast scenarios, as well as past contexts.


An analytical text that translates the vehicle's official position regarding the facts covered.


It is corporate material that addresses a topic of interest to the company sponsoring the report.

Fact check

Content that verifies the veracity and veracity of the information or facts disclosed.


It is an article that provides substantiation, historical data, and relevant information to help understand a fact or news.


Breathtaking reports, covering in depth various aspects and developments of a particular topic. It brings together data, statistics and historical context, as well as stories of figures affected by or directly related to the topic being covered.


Approaching a specific topic, the topic is presented in a question-and-answer format. Another way to disseminate an interview is through threads, with the interviewee's response reproduced in quotation marks.

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