Hey? Apple pressures Samsung to improve the iPhone 14 feature

Hey?  Apple pressures Samsung to improve the iPhone 14 feature

The new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have a new feature called Dynamic Island. It’s a feature that combines hardware and software and works like an interactive crack in a pill format. There are a number of sensors connected to the device’s camera.

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The newness of the iPhone is notable because it depends, in large part, on helping rival Samsung to work properly. That’s because the new Apple display (OLED) in the new flagship is manufactured by Samsung.

Therefore, the South Korean company received slight pressure from the competitor to expand its inkjet printing. The goal was to properly seal the edges of the knot. Iphonein all its versions. This ensures that oxygen and moisture do not invade the device. Otherwise, the useful life of the cell phone will be greatly reduced.

Pressed because the lamination process has changed. Early displays for Apple devices used inkjet deposition of OLED. However, new devices need an extra layer of touch in order to greatly increase durability.

Samsung has tried to resist the pressure to build an iPhone

According to Korean website The Elec, Samsung has resisted even Apple’s objections. It allegedly stated that it would only produce laser cut and stamped screens. However, the American company insisted on an inkjet application, so it would be possible to separate the notch from the rest of the panel.

It should be noted that this type of printing has already been used before samsung in the manufacture of devices within the Galaxy S21 Ultra line.

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The story attracted the attention of everyone who follows the world of technological innovations, especially mobile phones. Apple even said it’s working on ultra-powerful cameras to make up the iPhone 15 line.

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