Health signs an agreement with Pfizer to purchase 100 million vaccine doses for 2022 | Bahia

Minister of Health Marcelo Quiroga, Monday (29) signed the purchase of 100 million doses of vaccine against Covid-19 with Pfizer. The agreement was signed in Salvador, and dose delivery will begin in 2022.

The president of Pfizer Brazil, Marta Diez, highlighted that in addition to 100 million doses, the contract also provides for an increase in the amount of fortifying agents, with the possibility of making adjustments to meet demands for new variants, if necessary.

The agreement also provides for the option to increase the number of planned doses to immunize the country with more than 50 million additional vaccines, and raise the total number of vaccines in possible doses to 150 million doses in 2022, which includes the possibility of providing modified versions. of immunity to new variants”.

After the signing, the Minister of Health, Marcelo Quiroga, said that vaccinations are the main measure to combat Covid-19, which has led to casualties and deaths from the disease.

“Through a diversified strategy, the government has obtained more than 550 million vaccines, for the year 2021 alone. That is why, in the eight months, since we took over the Ministry of Health, we have seen a significant decrease in the number of cases and deaths. More than a 90% decrease in cases and deaths. And this is what he recognizes The Brazilian people already, thanks to the strength of the unified health system, which is the heritage of all Brazilians,” he said.

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Quiroga also reiterated the position that the new variant omicron, which first appeared in South Africa, It will be treated in the same way as previously detected variables. [Assista ao vídeo acima].

“The health surveillance care is the same that has been adopted since the start of the pandemic. Remember the delta variant, in May? We took the vaccines to São Luis. Now, mutations have been detected in this micron variant, but science hasn’t given us all the answers. It’s kind of a concern, but it is. Not some kind of despair. Why? Because we have a healthcare system that is able to provide the answers in case a variant of this one has a slightly higher lethality. Nobody knows yet. The world still doesn’t know,” he thought.

“We don’t think it will be different from other variants. And the main answer is vaccination. So this contract signed today with the pharmaceutical company Pfizer is a complete demonstration of the Ministry of Health program to counter not only the omicron variant, but also and others that have already created a lot of problems for us “.

In addition to Quiroga and Diaz, the health representatives of Bahia and the capital – Teresa Payem and Leo Prats – as well as Mayor Bruno Reyes and Minister of Citizenship João Roma also took part in the press conference.

The gathering of the Ministry of Health of El Salvador – Photo: Adriana Oliveira / TV Bahia

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