He criticizes Erasmus and Victor Allen and accuses them of marital phobia

He criticizes Erasmus and Victor Allen and accuses them of marital phobia

Fazenda 13 does not give a break to netizens who like to comment on the daily lives of the participants. The target at the time was Erasmo Viana and Victor Pecoraro, who slammed the kiss that Aline Mineiro gave to another fellow prisoner.

Critics have been identified as haters on social networks. On Twitter, former Panicat profile managers responded, sending a hint to Erasmo and Victor: “If two women can’t kiss because they have kids watching, straight couple can’t either. #AFazenda,” they wrote.

Understand the situation:

In a conversation last Monday (27/09), Erasmo Viana and Victor Pecoraro analyzed Ellen Mineiro’s match behavior.

“Aline is a real target. I love her, I love her, but she doesn’t know how to play,” Victor began. “I think she shot her in the foot in those two weeks. First, I think she shot her foot so hard by endangering it, and when she drank it it was burnt,” continued the actor, who had Gabriella Buglisi’s previous approval, which only intensified the criticism.

“This is also one of the reasons for the vote. And another thing: at this other party it was also the same way, they are all perverts, they talk to me. He looked at me with a look that eats me up.” said Erasmo, who criticized the relationship between Aline Mineiro and Diane Mello, you old man did not learn.

“She even kisses another woman, that’s kind of disrespectful, I think. Don’t you think?” asked the model. “If the man kisses, that’s fine,” said Victor. Still, bro. Unnecessary exposition,” Erasmus completed at the time.

Watch Aline Mineiro’s team tweet:

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