Have you changed your cell phone? Learn how not to lose your WhatsApp messages | technology

Have you changed your cell phone?  Learn how not to lose your WhatsApp messages |  technology

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WhatsApp has a backup feature that helps you restore messages and chat files in case you change phones. To do this, you must have an internet connection and memory space.

Android devices must have an active Google Account. On iPhone, you must have an iCloud account.

  1. Open WhatsApp settings (three dots icon on Android or “Settings” button on iPhone);
  2. Select “Chats”;
  3. Click “Chat Backup”;
  4. Choose the “Backup” option.

This process will cause WhatsApp to create a file that can be used if you need to set up your account on another device. On Android, content is saved in local memory and in your Google Drive account, while on iPhone, the backup goes to iCloud (See below how to save “memory”).

On the Conversation Backup screen, you can also configure Messenger to automatically make copies of your messages. The application provides daily, weekly or monthly backup options.

⌛ How to make a backup faster

The quality of your Internet connection and the amount of messages can make creating a backup and restoring messages slower.

To speed up the process and avoid mobile data usage charges (cell phone internet), it is recommended to create a backup and restore Wi-Fi conversations. By default, WhatsApp only allows you to do this through this type of network.

Another solution is to make the backup lighter, excluding files you no longer want. It is possible to manually delete content in chats or configure the app so that it does not take videos in the backup, using this path: Settings > Chats > Chat Backup > Embed videos.

📲 How to save “memory”

Your cell phone's storage space, known as “memory,” can be compromised if the file in your chat history is too large.

To save this valuable space, save your backup to Google Drive if your device is Android or iCloud if it's iPhone.

To set up a backup using Google Drive, Follow this step by step below:

Artwork showing step-by-step instructions to activate Android backup to Google Drive. — Photo: Luisa Rivas, g1

Illustration showing step-by-step guide to activate iPhone backup on iCloud – Image: Luisa Rivas, g1

There are two options to contact platform support in case of failure: through the application itself or through the website. Hey WhatsApp Does not offer phone support.

To send orders via WhatsApp, follow this path: Settings > Help > Contact us. Describe the problem in the message field and click “Progressing“.

Between two On the official website Choose the most appropriate option to receive assistance.

Fill out the form with your phone number, email, and the operating system on which WhatsApp is installed.

Then write your request in the text box. Once you're done, simply submit your questions.

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