Has your WhatsApp account been cancelled? 5 mistakes you made that you didn't know about

Has your WhatsApp account been cancelled?  5 mistakes you made that you didn't know about

WhatsApp is one of the most used applications around the world and has become a very important resource when it comes to communication.

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Therefore, the tool constantly needs to implement strict standards and policies to contribute to the privacy and security of its users.

Reasons for canceling your WhatsApp account

So, some rules have been put in place that may result in your WhatsApp account being canceled forever. Learn below about each of them and how to avoid this disorder.

1. The spread of fake news on WhatsApp

Certainly one of the major issues today is the spread of fake news on WhatsApp. Since the 2018 elections in Brazil, several accounts on the app have been disabled for this reason. This is because this type of content directly and indirectly affects people and institutions, causing disruption of information and harming its validity.

2. Improper and unofficial use of the application may result in cancellation of your account

Another reason that can lead to your WhatsApp account being canceled is the illegal use of unofficial versions of the same app, such as WhatsApp GB and WhatsApp Plus. In other words, the practice of users using modified versions of an app is illegal.

3. Create spam messages on WhatsApp

Meanwhile, another very common reason for blocking an account on WhatsApp is when users create spam on the platform, constantly sending messages to different contacts. Therefore, the accounts violate the app's guidelines and should receive the penalty of deleting their WhatsApp account.

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4. Illegal activities within the application

It is a fact that WhatsApp does not accept illegal activities on the messaging app. Therefore, this includes: copyright infringement, identity theft, threats, harassment or any practice contrary to Brazilian legislation. That is, it is necessary to be aware of your behavior and the attitudes of other WhatsApp users.

5. Adding unauthorized contacts to WhatsApp groups can lead to cancellation of your account

Last but not least. People who have the habit of adding unauthorized contacts to WhatsApp groups may also face getting banned and reported on the platform. After all, this type of action is associated with those who seek to increase their network of contacts by selling courses and products in the digital world.

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