Has the emergency withdrawal of FGTS 2021 been issued? | Rede Jornal Contábil

Has the emergency withdrawal of FGTS 2021 been issued?  |  Rede Jornal Contábil

Many readers have asked about the FGTS (Time-of-Service Guarantee Fund) emergency withdrawal, if it has already been released, or whether the federal government will provide the calendar in 2021. If you have that doubt too, and want to understand once and for all. How are the benefits unfolding for this year, keep watching!

FGTS emergency withdrawal

The FGTS Emergency Withdrawal was a feature launched by the federal government last year available to any and all workers with a balance linked to escrow fund accounts, in general, it was sufficient to have an available balance in the account for them to be able to withdraw up to R $ 1,045 (minimum wage in 2020).

The FGTS emergency withdrawal method was approved last year under Provisional Action Number 946 on April 7, 2020, by the government of Jair Bolsonaro. All workers with FGTS tied balance have been allowed to recover up to the minimum wage with a calendar available for withdrawal between June and December.

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Will there be an emergency withdrawal in 2021?

Although not officially released by the government, the government has discussed the expectation of the emergency withdrawal of the FGTS since the end of last year, with the development of a contingency plan for a second wave of the pandemic, which in fact ended until the occurrence.

Another point that may have caused the government to delay confirming the release of the emergency withdrawal from the FGTS is specifically the delays in the release of other measures due to the 2021 budget, such as the release of emergency employment and income maintenance benefits, as well as the anticipation for INSS Thirteenth Salary that has become officially available Only in April.

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However, it is believed that the government will release the aid again until the end of June 2021 and follow the same criteria as before, allowing for withdrawal of up to one minimum wage (currently R $ 1,100), according to the calendar set on the anniversary.

When contacting Caixa Econômica Federal, in charge of the FGTS, he informed the bank that there was still no clause on releasing the measure, which at least indicates that the measure has not been neglected by the government, nor has it been neglected before. Sure.

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