Harvard University picks the 5 best exercises to energize your active lifestyle

Harvard University picks the 5 best exercises to energize your active lifestyle

With the rush of daily life and the lack of time, many people end up neglecting physical activities, which can cause a lot of damage to their health.

However, Harvard university I've brought you a list of exercises that are perfect for anyone looking to start moving, even for those who don't really like physical activities.

The best physical exercises

The first recommended activity is walking. In addition to being a simple exercise, walking brings many benefits to the body, such as improving cholesterol control and reducing the risk of heart disease. Ideally, start with Short walks Increase frequency and distance gradually.

Another exercise highly recommended by Harvard University swimming. In addition to being a complete activity that strengthens muscles and burns calories, swimming also relieves joint tension, making it ideal for individuals with arthritis.

a BodyBuilding It is also very suitable for people of any age. – Lifting weights maintains muscle strength and contributes to increasing the burning of calories. The important thing is to start lightly, with the help of a physical education professional.

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exercises Hip stretch It is ideal for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and preventing the onset of urinary incontinence. Furthermore it, Tai Chi ChuanIt is a Chinese martial art that combines movement and meditation, and is excellent for working on balance, especially for the elderly.

So there are no excuses not to move! With this list of exercises recommended by Harvard University, you can start practicing them Physical activities Safely and effectively, achieving many health benefits.

It is important to remember that before starting any physical activity, it is always a good idea to consult a doctor to evaluate your condition and get appropriate guidance. After all, mobility is essential for a healthy, balanced life.

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