Hamas’s flimsy pretext for a “ceasefire”

Hamas’s flimsy pretext for a “ceasefire”

Hamas claims it needs to know where all the people kidnapped during its attack on southern Israel on October 7 are hiding, according to a member of the movement’s delegation that visited Russia, the Israeli newspaper reported. The Times of Israel.

The Hamas official, called Abu Hamed, told the semi-official Russian newspaper Kommersant that the movement was always willing to release civilians, but “it needs time to find them.”

He claims that members of several groups are being held hostage and that a ceasefire is needed to allow Hamas to carry out searches, find the kidnappers and then release them.

In fact, Hamas felt that the Israeli bombing was just that Eliminate your terrorists that it Its military infrastructure (Including, in the last 24 hours, anti-tank missile launch sites and command and control centres.) So it is trying to buy time to recover, and, like Lula and Vladimir Putin, is calling for a “ceasefire” that will only benefit Russia. The group itself.

Israel tends to continue the neutralization and inspection process on its own, with air strikes and ground incursions, because it knows that it cannot rely on their help for anything.

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