Hadbala and Mosonzinho’s fight almost ends in aggression on Power Couple TV News

Hadbala and Mosonzinho's fight almost ends in aggression on Power Couple TV News

The atmosphere was tense between Mosonzinho and Hudson Neri, also known as Hadpala, in Brazil Power Couple 6. The two began fighting after eliminating Michele Bassa and Bruno Bassa in the early hours of Friday (1). “Bundão,” exclaimed the former BBB, who nearly slapped his opponent.

The confusion began during the live program, as soon as Adriane Galisteu asked Mussunzinho and Karoline Menezes to withdraw 10 thousand Brazilian reals from the joint betting account of another couple. The actor and woman targeted Elisa Fagundes and Hadballa, and started screaming almost immediately.

“You are a donkey, a comedy, a comedy,” the former player was fired. “It’s blown, loose,” replied the artist, referring to the fact that the former BBB did not vote for Adriana Ribeiro and Albert Bressan in the latest DR formation. The presenter managed to calm the two opponents, but after minutes, the battle resumed.

In the kitchen, the other participants tried to hold back, but were still very excited. Hadpala suggested, “Put your foot down. You’re afraid, give up.” “No one here gets scared, no, bites, badass,” Carroll replied. “He’s a 40-year-old liar. Loose!” Follow Mosonzinho.

Check out some excerpts from the fight:

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