Guyana’s coach, Marcio Maximo, was the first Brazilian to train in the UK – 04/04/2021

Guyana’s coach, Marcio Maximo, was the first Brazilian to train in the UK – 04/04/2021

Marcio Maximo began the arrival of the Brazilians in the United Kingdom, when the current coach of the national team in Guyana was appointed to head Livingston, Scotland in 2003, as his name arrived on the Old Continent on the recommendation of his former leaders from the Cayman Islands, which was a team that consisted mostly Of English athletes.

“It was a unique and unforgettable opportunity, a wonderful learning period for me. At a time when they wanted to apply South American football ideas to the club, I came from a very interesting job in the Cayman Islands and was called up to the position,” said Marceau.

In addition to this experience in the UK, the coach’s career has been marked by work in four different continents and has worked for five national teams, three as a coach (Cayman Islands, Tanzania and Guyana) and two as an assistant (the Brazil sub). Qatar team 17/20 and Qatar U-20.

“I spent practically all of my career abroad, and my stints were short here in Brazil, but I have always liked this foreign market. Regardless of working in clubs or teams, I always try to leave a legacy wherever I go,” he commented.

Marcio was part of the Brazilian U-17 coaching team in the South American category qualifiers in 1992, a tournament that was Ronaldo Fenomeno’s debut with Amarelena. In addition to working with nine pintas, the coach was the first to give chances to Snodgrass, the West Brom striker, and Samata, the Tanzania star, who played in the Premier League last year for Aston Villa and today in Fenerbahce.

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“I really enjoy working with young people and I think that in football, when an athlete shows talent and personality, age becomes just a number. Of course, all stages must be respected, but when quality is there, I don’t see that why not give chances”, assesses the technician.

Responsible for the Guyana team since 2019, the coach is hired to help the sport grow in the country. Before their arrival, about 78% of the athletes were foreign and the rest were local.

“I don’t think it would be possible to make a renewal like this without reducing the average age of the team, as the young player has more ambition. Today our average age is 23 years and in the last call, practically 50% of our athletes were local,” he concluded. the coach.

With three points in the first two rounds of the CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers, Guyana is third in Group F and are three points behind group leaders Saint Kitts and Nevis. Regardless of the qualifying result, Marcio has already entered the history of selection, leading the country to the Gold Cup, and this will be only Guyana’s second participation in the competition.

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