Gui Araujo describes Mileide as a creature snake

Gui Araujo describes Mileide as a creature snake

Poolside, pedestrian”farm 13″ (RecordTV) talked about the farm’s formation tonight. Gui Araujo, Dynho Alves and MC Gui talked about the possibility of Mileide Mihaile going to the hot seat. The influencer used the conversation to criticize his fellow feedlot.

Sthefane said Mileide should vote for Gui Araujo, even at the risk of being swept into the countryside by a pawn. She’s in the booth, and by traditional program rules, if Bill gets the most votes, he can lure her to the hot seat. In this configuration of the Rosa, however, the third Rosiro, It wouldn’t necessarily be pulled out of the bay because of one of the forces of the flame.. The owner of the red flame power will choose 3 pawns (from the booth or from the headquarters). The third rosiero should be drawn from among the chosen and not from the booth, as usual.

In the chat, Sthe also showed her split, saying her “two brothers” would be on the field, citing Mileide and Gui Araujo.

“Everyone will sign whatever he wants. […] Go and choose what you want. She will decide to set herself up [na roça] Bill said.

“I think he’ll see,” Stefan commented.

Gui pointed out that if Mileide went to the farm and started the remaining farm, Dayane would be left and vetoed from the farmer’s test. Stefan nodded and wondered what it would be like if Bill got the hat for the fourth time.

“I’ll be back. If I go for testing, I’ll be back,” the pawn guaranteed.

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Next, Sthefane said he knows Belle has issues with Mileide, but he loves her friend very much. So the ex-MTV said he was “not stopping” against Wesley Savadao’s ex-wife, but she “wanted to drive him crazy.”

Bell complained, “So you keep pretending that nothing happened, that you’re not here to play, that there’s no friction with anyone. Go where things go.” peon also said, in a critical tone, that Mileide complimented him when he was a farmer and was touched by Rico’s return from the country.

Get out clapping where the drama goes. You decide things and go in faith, brother. He hits his chest responsibly. The snake that was already created, went crazy. Choose a side and place your face. I’m not afraid to go to the country, I’ve already gone and come back. Now stay with her. […] He wants to sail everywhere. If you f*ck. gui arugu

Bell concluded by saying that he would not accept if Milad spoke to him again, or if he objected and won the farmer’s test, or if he returned from the field.

And he concluded, “Now it’s not after I want to go back, and after I’m back, and after I’ve got a farmer, I’ll say, ‘Oh, well,'” he concluded.

Stephanie silently listened to her friend’s criticism.

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