Gui Araujo, Dai or Bill, who should stay?

After MC Gui won the Farmer’s Test this week, Gui Araújo, Dayane and Arcrebiano were on the farm. The least voted pawns will be eliminated on Thursday (25th). Who should stay in the program? Participated in 2021 farm survey DCI and vote on who should stay.

2021 Farm Poll – Who Should Stay?

vote for Who should stay on the farm

Who Has Already Left Ranch 2021?

The lowest number of votes will be the 10th who gets the worst vote in 2021 Farm and leaves the program. See the odds this season and their percentage:

  • Lesian Gutierrez (26.15% of votes)
  • Mosonzinho (23.52% of the vote)
  • Erica Schneider (30.24% dos photos)
  • Victor Pecoraro (22.82% 2 votes)
  • Larry Botino (9.61% of the vote)
  • Tati Kibra Barako (15.78% of the vote)
  • Erasmo Viana (19.91% of the vote)
  • Thiago Picuelo (26.87% of the vote)
  • Valentina Francavilla (15.38% of the vote)

How to participate in the R7 survey

Voting to select the disqualified participant is up in the air on Record’s website, R7. To vote in the official Farm 2021 poll, go to and then click on the Farm 2021 tab. The poll will be highlighted on the page.

After checking the name and photo of the participant you want to save, just select the option, click “I am human” and confirm the vote. It is important to wait for the message confirming that the vote has been counted and is valid.

The result of this week’s 2021 Farm poll will be announced on Thursday (25th). One of the Rocheros will leave the competition during the programme, which airs live at 22:45 (Brazilian time), on Record TV and PlayPlus.

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