Guarantee of up to R$ 6,000 through Caixa Tem! See how to get value

Guarantee of up to R$ 6,000 through Caixa Tem!  See how to get value

According to the latest information, the Caixa Tem application, from the Caixa Econômica Federal Bank, is making changes to its payment calendar. With these changes, a large number of beneficiaries of various programs will have until the end of January to withdraw their amounts.

How does Caixa Team work?

Guarantee of up to R$ 6,000 through Caixa Tem! See how to get value

For those who don't know it yet, the Caixa Tem app is a very practical option for those who need to carry out financial transactions, such as payments, transfers and balance inquiries. It is available to download for free on Android and IOS platforms. With Caixa Tem, it is possible to withdraw the FGTS Fund easily and quickly through the annual withdrawal method, as well as up to R$ 6,000 through the Catastrophe Withdrawal with instant withdrawal. However, it is important to remember that to obtain this benefit, the citizen must have a balance in his or her FGTS account.

New PIS/PASEP payment dates through Caixa Tem

In addition to the changes to the FGTS calendar, Caixa Tem also announced the new PIS/PASEP payment dates. For workers who are eligible to benefit from the Public Employee Asset Creation Program (PASEP), payment is made through Banco do Brasil. In the case of the Social Integration Program (PIS), the amounts are paid by the Caixa Econômica Federal itself. Check out the new 2024 PIS/PASEP payment calendar:

  • Born in January: from February 15
  • Born in February: from March 15
  • Born in March: from April 15
  • Born in April: from April 15
  • Born in May: from May 15
  • Those born in June: from May 15
  • Born in July: from June 17
  • Born in August: from June 17
  • Born in September: from July 15
  • Born in October: from July 15
  • Born in November: from August 15
  • December born: from August 15
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Therefore, if you are a beneficiary of any of these programs and use the Caixa Tem app, be aware of changes to the payment calendars. Also remember to keep the app updated to ensure you get the latest features.

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