GTA San Andreas gets Ray Tracing powered by Nvidia! paying off

GTA San Andreas gets Ray Tracing powered by Nvidia!  paying off

GTA San Andreas It is a truly timeless classic, and to this day it is a “goal” for the modding community, which always finds a way to make the original experience even better on PC. This time, for example, they managed to implement a ray tracing model using NVIDIA technology – which made the game very bold visually.

The person who shared the video on YouTube is the channel MxBenchmarkPCwhich made several comparisons between GTA San Andreas It works with the RTX Remix Path Tracing Mod, and also shows different performance aspects. Well, if you're interested in the device, know that you need to own at least an RTX 4080 to run it – even at 1440p with DLSS 3 activated. Checkout:

Without the use of editing, YouTubers can work GTA San Andreas On PC with over 300 fps in open world areas, and up to 800 fps in indoor areas with a small draw distance (the distance at which objects are displayed on the screen).

The mod also has a PC with impressive specs: an Intel Core i7 10700F processor, an RTX 4080 and 16GB of RAM – more than enough hardware to handle the 2004 game.

When the RTX Remix Path Tracing Mod was activated, the game suffered a significant performance impact, going from 800fps and 300fps to 48fps in both cases – both indoors and outdoors.

Comparison of GTA San Andreas running without and with NVIDIA's ray tracing system.source: MxBenchmarkPC

Although the impact on performance is very high, the improvements brought by the latest version of the mod to classic scenarios are noticeable – especially with regard to lighting.

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For example, the elements in CJ's living room have more polygons, adding more fidelity to the assets. The same thing happens on the streets, which also look more visually beautiful.

In the end, is it worth sacrificing so much performance to get improved graphics quality?

RTX Remix has also been applied to other classics

If you don't know, RTX Remix is ​​NVIDIA's technology that gives modders complete freedom to create remasters of classic games. The tool easily captures game assets, automatically enhances textures with generative AI, and quickly renders beautiful visuals using ray tracing and DLSS 3.

Despite its impact on performance, RTX Remix doesn't just work wonders on graphics. GTA San Andreas, no. Various versions of the mod have also been applied to other video game classics, e.g Tomb Raider 2, Chase And even GTA Vice City.

What were you thinking? GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City that it Chase With ray tracing? Comment on your impressions on social media Voxel!

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