Gretchen reveals her fan following to BBB24 and Britta Gale as the new 'twerking queen'

Gretchen reveals her fan following to BBB24 and Britta Gale as the new 'twerking queen'

Gretchen is considered the “Queen of Twerking”

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“Queen of twerking” singer Gretchen He was one of the guests LGBTQIA+ Ban 'Pleasing Greeks' Sunday afternoon, the 28th, in São Paulo. Before going on stage, the singer spoke to… Land about the carnival, BBB24 And of course, twerking.

When asked which celebrities could be her successor, she praised the talent of singers like her Ludmila, Anita and IsaBut he declared his inclination for Preeta Gill. However, Gretchen was keen to stress that the choice is personal.

“This successor thing is very personal. There's no such thing as a successor. But one of my favorites, no use, is Britta Gill.”

Queen pleases the Greeks

Name chosen to be the Queen of Agrada Gregos, Gretchen revealed what the selection process was like. “It wasn't planned, we never sat down to talk, it just happened naturally. The bloc is like my family, is it the same thing?” he revealed.

The twerking queen also said that the value of money does not matter when choosing a performance venue. “There's nothing like let's play I don't know where, but there's no fee. Let's go! Because I'm the queen, I'm the face of the block and I want to be with them always. I've seen them grow, I've seen them get to where they are now, and I want them to go further,” Like every mother, right?

Gretchen also said that the “sexy” persona at the carnival doesn't suit her, because she's focused on work and her boyfriend. “I don't have to be a hunter, because I already have a hunter. I already caught him and I'm holding on to him with all my might. I've never been able to catch anyone at the carnival because 90% of the time I was working.”

BBB24 fans

The queen revealed that she is watching the reality show BP24 Known by her fans as Isabelle North. “I know her as a woman and as a person,” Gretchen revealed. “I know what a strong woman she is, despite her young age.”

The artist said that too On the popcorn side David, Given the events in custody. “In light of what happened this week with Davey, I'm on his side, fully supporting his mother. I'm a mother too, and if Tammy was out there going through that, I would have already invaded and confronted everyone.” “.The world. I will never admit that someone did this to my son.”

Luisa Sonza, Sasha and other celebrities in the program Luisa Sonza, Sasha and other celebrities in the program “Ensaios de Anitta”

Source: Redacao Terra

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