Greenwald suggests Biden may be showing signs of dementia

Greenwald suggests Biden may be showing signs of dementia

The American President said that he recently met with the former French President, who died in 1996

Glenn Greenwald and Joe Biden

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247 – Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald took to social media to criticize the President of the United States, Joe Biden, because, according to him, he showed clear signs of dementia. He was referring to a recent speech given by the American head of state, in which he mixed French President Emmanuel Macron with the former president of that country, who died in 1996, François Mitterrand.

“I said: America is back,” Biden said while speaking in Las Vegas, Nevada. “And Mitterrand is from Germany, meaning from France. He looked at me and said…”

Biden then looked lost before saying: “Okay, how long will you guys be back?”

He was referring to a meeting with current French President Emmanuel Macron in England a few months after he assumed the White House.

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“I try to be careful about treating every instance of Biden's slurs as cognitive decline. People are talking poorly, getting tired, etc. But this clip is undeniably senile. He has no idea what he's raving about. I can't remember names.” Dear leaders. “You think you are talking to Mitterrand,” Greenwald wrote in a post on the social networking site X.

Biden has made a disturbing number of public missteps in recent years, raising concerns about the leader's ability to confront a growing number of crises. His main competitor in the 2024 elections is former Republican President Donald Trump, who recently called for a debate with the Democrat.

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