Greater Curitiba has four SUS hospitals equipped with Covid’s full ICUs

Greater Curitiba has four SUS hospitals equipped with Covid’s full ICUs

A survey conducted by the State Department of Health (Sesa) last Friday (7) revealed that intensive care units (ICUs) of four hospitals in Greater Curitiba with SUS exclusive beds for Covid-19 are full. They have an occupancy rate of 100%: Evangélico Hospital, UPAs Complex in Curitiba, Hospital de Trappalho and Rehabilitation Hospital. There are still 49 vacancies in the ICU.

Curitiba scores high on all indicators of Covid-19. Watch the progression of cases and deaths

According to information from the Curitiba Metropolitan Bed Center, 159 patients with Covid-19 symptoms are in bed-waiting, 46 in intensive care units and 113 in wards. Across Parana, the occupancy rate, according to data on Friday (7), is 93%.

ICU Vacancies (data from 7/05)

100% Evangelical Hospital

100% UPAs complex in Curitiba

Workers Hospital 100%

100% rehabilitation hospital

Red Cross Hospital 86%

Aristo Hospital 30%

Santa Casa Hospital 84%

Hospitals Clinics 86%

Sao Vicente Centro Hospital 80%

Angelina Caron Hospital – Campina Grande do Sol 98%

Sao Lucas Parolin Campo Largo Hospital 85%

Rossio Hospital – Campo Largo 99%

Sao Sebastiao Hospital – Lapa 86%

Occupation of Wings (Data 5/7)

Red Cross Hospital 88%

Erasto Hospital 40%

Santa Casa Hospital 96%

Oswaldo Cruz Hospital 91%

Hospitals Clinics 79%

Sao Vicente Centro Hospital 63%

CIC Sao Vicente 53%

Madalina Hospital Sofia 32%

Evangelical Hospital 88%

Upas complex in Curitiba 86%

Upas complex in Curitiba 61%

Workers Hospital 88%

Rehabilitation hospital 87%

Angelina Caron Hospital – Campina Grande do Sol 96%

Sao Lucas Parolin Hospital – Campo Largo 83%

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Rossio Hospital – Campo Largo 65%

Sao Sebastiao Hospital – Lapa 63%

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