Grazie Masafira speaks for the first time about the harassment and interruption she was subjected to behind the scenes of a TV series: Too Hard.

Foto: Marcus Sabah

Grazy Massafra, which – which Ended a relationship of nearly two years with Cayo Castro, in an interview with Ela magazine, that he was already a victim of harassment Behind the scenes of a TV series. The statement came after the actress mentioned some important issues, such as feminism and structural racism, which she studied the most in her spare time.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about the expression ‘Mimi’, which is something my daughter Sophia asked about that day. First, I read the phrase ‘Mimi’ is the pain of the other you don’t feel. But I paraphrase that too. I think it’s your pain that you don’t want to look at. “, started.

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“As I am white, within the most preferred standard, I also have my own issues that every woman needs to deal with in her career and in her life.”said the 39-year-old artist, who a little later revived the story of harassment. “I am more sensitive to the subject, although I have found ways to approach it intuitively”, He said.

(Photo: Marcus Sabbah)

The episode took place during the tapings of a TV series, and after the actress denied offering a married producer she began to boycott her work. “There was a professional moment when I was on a TV series, and there was a married producer on the team that hit me up. I made it clear that ‘no’ was a no. From then on, he started getting scorned, interrupted, and mistreated when it came to character issues.. I had no more comments from him, and everything became very difficult.”remembered.

The actress finally made it clear that now that she’s more experienced, she doesn’t let this kind of situation go unnoticed. “I was still quite mature as an actress, and needed help, but had the misfortune of dealing with these kinds of people. On the other hand, there were times when I was able to respond in a relaxed way. Once, I was on my way to work in a truck, and it was The whole crew was asleep except for me and another producer. He turned to me and said: Your eyes shine even in the dark. I answered something My mother said: “It’s a worm”. I naturalized these things. Today no more“, pointed out.

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