Grazi Massafera announces Globo’s departure: ‘Part of my story and my heart’

Grazi Massafera announces Globo's departure: 'Part of my story and my heart'

Grazie Masafira (Credit: Reproduction/Instagram)

This Thursday morning (04), Grazy Massafra He used the social network to announce his departure from TV Globo, where he stayed for 16 years. Now, without being part of the station’s constant crew, the actress will be able to work for business. On his Instagram profile, he shared a video in which he remembers when he appeared on national television, in the series “Big Brother Brasil”, among other work at home.

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“It was her first time appearing on Globo on January 10, 2005. That 23-year-old – who was practically sent by her mother to the BBB to try and change her life – could not imagine being a reality TV star that would change her life anymore People who win a pageant Beauty That girl, in fact, could not even dream of what would happen next: Globo would welcome me into this house not only for three months, but since then it has been my home for 16 years.

Next, talk about his stages in the station. “Today, I am proud of my career path because this reporter from cauldron hook I grew up and became an actress in your eyes. And today I can pat my chest and say that with such dedication, yes, I am an actress. I’m still a Jacarisinho girl, but now I’m also a mom who has thrown herself into everything to do with character. I was a newcomer Thelminha, I was Floranda and even Lívia Noronha. Ah, there was also Diodora, Michelle, Lucina, Esther and of course, Larissa. I adjusted with Luciane and did another Lívia and finally Paloma. Not to mention the presenting experience Very nice

“All this and more because this house believed in me and in it I had the encouragement, affection and encouragement to surpass myself. Was it easy? No, it wasn’t easy. I also had to face my prejudices, and at times, I thought of giving up. Just like life, I was overcoming obstacles and finding myself strong and brave.With this determination I made many personalities and friends.Today I finally finish a course of Globo’s Exclusivity.I leave grateful knowing Globo may no longer be my address, but may be a reason to visit.Thank you very much to everyone at Globo for these The course. We will see each other very soon and we will see each other in all the memories I leave at this station that is a part of me, my history and my heart.”

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