Govt: UK calls on army to deal with understaffing

Govt: UK calls on army to deal with understaffing

The UK Defense Ministry said today (7) that it has begun sending troops to support hospitals that are understaffed and under extreme pressure due to the Govt-19 cases registered in the country.

The government says 200 members of the Armed Forces are ready to support the National Health Service (NHS) in London over the next three weeks.

The UK has been experiencing an outbreak of Govt-19 due to the Ômicron variant and more than 150,000 new cases have been reported every day over the past week.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that thanks to the vaccine and less severity, Britain could withstand the eruption without further restrictions, but warned that a few weeks would be challenging.

The government also stopped the armed forces to assist in the Govt-19 testing and vaccination program.

“Once again, they are assisting NHS staff working 24 hours a day across the capital, helping health care in this difficult winter of high demand,” said Health Minister Sajid Javed.

The United Kingdom has recorded nearly 150,000 deaths from Govt-19 and two years after the outbreak, the state health service is already facing a moral and personnel crisis ahead of the latest Ô micron outbreak, according to a parliamentary report released on Thursday (6).

Chand Nagpal, board chairman of the British Medical Association, said there was an unprecedented shortage of NHS staff.

“Even if the government seeks the help of the military in London, we must not forget that we currently have a national problem,” Nagpal said. “This is a national problem. We have never seen such a small staff before.”

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