Government issues consultation on salary bonus, which will pay up to R$1,412 as of February 15 – News

Government issues consultation on salary bonus, which will pay up to R$1,412 as of February 15 – News

The Ministry of Labor on Monday (5) issued the PIS-Pasep 2024 salary benefit value consultation, referring to the base year 2022. Payment will be made from February 15 in a staggered manner, according to the month of birth of the beneficiary. Information can be found in the digital business card and on the portal

In total, 24.8 million workers will benefit, with an approximate value of R$27 billion. Of this total, 2.89 million are government employees and another 21.9 million are workers in the private sector.

Workers can also check if they have amounts to be received from previous years. All beneficiaries can withdraw funds until December 27.

The salary bonus is an annual benefit, up to a maximum value of the minimum wage, which currently stands at R$1,412. To be eligible, you must have been registered with PIS/Pasep for at least five years, have officially worked on a formal contract for at least 30 days in 2022 and earned up to two minimum wages per month (R$2,824).

Check payment dates below:

Law and Justice Party

Born January – February 15
Born February – March 15
Born March – April 15
Born April – April 15
Born in May – May 15
Born June – May 15
Born July – June 17
Born August – June 17
Born September – July 15
Born October – July 15
Born November – August 15
Born December – August 15


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Registration closes February 0 – 15
Registration ends from March 1 to March 15
Registration dates: April 2, 3 – 15
Registration dates: May 4, 5 – 15
Registration dates are June 6, 7 – 17
Registration ends July 8-15
Registration ends August 9-15

Additional information can be requested through the service channels of the Ministry of Labor and units of regional labor control bodies, by calling 158 or via e-mail: [email protected] (replacing UF numbers with the country abbreviation from the worker’s home).

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