Google shows where to get the coronavirus vaccine

Google shows where to get the coronavirus vaccine

To help find covid-19 vaccination points, Google began making available a search engine on Friday, 30th, that explains where to vaccinate and how to access health centers in 30 Brazilian cities, including Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and other capitals in the country.

To use, you need to search the search engine for “Covid vaccine” or “Covid vaccine near me”. The tool integrated with Google Maps will display information such as the vaccination site name, address, phone number and how to reach it.

Alongside this data, details included in local government agencies, such as access or lack of access to specific groups, driving view or need for scheduling will also be included.

At present, nearly two thousand vaccination centers are already available at the resource, which uses information provided by health departments and health agencies. However, the company recommended that the user confirm the information on the official website of the Public Health Authority in his region before heading to the site, in light of the frequent change of data.

The tool will work for the browser on the computer and for the apps on the Android or iOS phones.

Information from the newspaper State of Sao Paulo.

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