Google Search begins releasing AI answers in a sandbox; See How to Use | technology

Google Search begins releasing AI answers in a sandbox;  See How to Use |  technology

Google has released a feature for Brazil that makes searches display answers generated using artificial intelligence (AI). The new feature, called Generative Search Experience (SGE), is in the testing phase.

It is available in Search Labs, a new way to access search engine resources that are in the testing phase.

To use the feature, you must activate the search through parameter From this link Or the icon that now appears at the top of the search next to the Settings option (see below).

It will appear on Chrome for PC starting Wednesday (8) and will arrive in the search engine app for Android and iOS in the coming weeks.

Google launches a feature that uses artificial intelligence to summarize search results – Image: Disclosure/Google

With the change, when you type a question on Google, you will be answered with a short text generated from key information and links to dig deeper. In some cases, the summary is not displayed, but the search gives the option to “Generate general information using AI technology”.

In the example provided by the company, the text is more prominent, and website links appear in a secondary area, as a complement. The ads do not change and will remain at the top of the page.

Google’s feature of AI-generated answers can be activated through Search Labs – Image: Reproduction

In addition to displaying the AI-based summary, Google will display suggested questions at the end of the text to complete the search. If you choose one of them, the service will direct you to a chat where you can talk to the bot about the topic you are looking for.

Bruno Bossas, vice president of engineering at Google Search, said the goal of the change is to “make search easier.” According to the executive authority, it will no longer be necessary to conduct several studies on the same topic.

“Let’s ask a question like ‘How do you join a women’s soccer team?’ Typically, you break that question down into several other questions, sort through the vast information available and start ‘putting the pieces together.’ Using generative AI, research can help,” he explains. I do part of this work for you.”

In a statement about the news, Google said it takes a “responsible and careful approach” to its AI initiatives. According to the company, there are restrictions on the types of searches in which the new feature will be displayed.

Google launches AI resource that summarizes key information about search – Image: Disclosure/Google

Research Labs icon, testing area for new Google search features – Image: Disclosure/Google

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