Google Gemini is now available in Brazil; Discover the application of artificial intelligence

Google Gemini is now available in Brazil;  Discover the application of artificial intelligence

The arrival of Google Gemini in Brazil represents a major advance in the field artificial intelligence And virtual assistants.

The platform, which replaces the Bard chatbot, provides an improved experience for Brazilian users, allowing them to perform a variety of tasks through voice commands, texts and even camera images.

It was initially launched in the US in February Google Gemini It took about 2 months to arrive in Brazil with Portuguese language support.

What sets Google Gemini apart is its ability to leverage Google's AI-driven Large Language Models (LLM), allowing the platform to understand and respond to user requests more accurately.

Google launches an artificial intelligence application – Image: Reproduction/Google

The tool is able to create text summaries on a variety of topics, and create plans using Google Maps And Google Flights, and even find information in Gmail emails or documents in Google Drive within seconds.

Google Gemini: What to expect from the app?

Google's Gemini app offers a simplified and intuitive experience for users Usersalthough there are some limitations compared to Google Assistant.

When accessing the app, users are prompted to “switch from Google Assistant to Gemini,” and platform resources can only be used when this change in Assistants is accepted. This means automatic disabling of Google Assistant on Android.

The app's layout is designed for ease of use, with a home screen that displays task suggestions and recent searches.

In the middle part of the screen are your recent searches, while at the bottom is a command bar that allows you to type, speak, or send a photo to interact with the Assistant.

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However, it's important to note that Gemini doesn't yet have all the features of Google Assistant.

For example, it is not possible to set an alarm, and the Workspace extension, which allows you to find information in Gmail and Google Drive, is not yet available in Portuguese.

In tests conducted by TechTudo, it was observed that the artificial intelligence issues warnings when trying to access certain features that are not yet available.

Despite this, Google said it is working on adding all Assistant features to Gemini and plans to introduce new functionality throughout the year. development From the platform.

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