Google admits failure after embarrassment with 'Awakening' image generator.

Google admits failure after embarrassment with 'Awakening' image generator.

After launching an AI image generation feature that led to embarrassing “woke” content like images of black and Asian Nazis in the name of “diversity,” Google is now apologizing.

The function in question, part of the application twin (formerly known as A poet), was criticized for producing completely false historical representations, prompting the company to temporarily stop creating images of people.

second Prabhakar Raghavansenior vice president of knowledge and information at Google, the company recognized this function “Did not achieve the goal”. The recognition of the flaws comes after a series of criticisms of the method Gemini created images that ignored or downplayed the representation of white peopleamong other embarrassing errors.

The decision to stop the job has sparked controversy over the manipulation of data and historical facts to conform to specific political views, a practice compared to the tactics of authoritarian regimes and dystopian fiction novels such as George Orwell's “1984.”

The company has apologized for any inaccuracies in the historical images created. While Google pledges to conduct “extensive testing” before revitalizing the function, the Internet community and critics remain attentive to the company's next steps in managing artificial intelligence and the representation of historical and cultural information.

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