Go on Faith: Theo makes Dora faint with his heavy energy | Come to me about – come

Go on Faith: Theo makes Dora faint with his heavy energy |  Come to me about – come

Lumiere reveals to Dora that she lied to her husband

In the following chapters of Vai na Fé, the villain will reach Lumiar and the withdrawal will be tainted by his heavy energy. 😬

Theo brings heavy energy to Lumiar on Vai na Fé – Image: Globo

Fabio (Carlos Machado costumeHe doesn’t like unwanted visits at all and asks Theo:

“What brings you here, boy? It wasn’t yoga. What do you want from our daughter?”

“The truth. The truth sets you free, isn’t that what you say?” Theo will reply with a sneer.

“Sarcasm is just a cover. He hides his pain, I can feel it. Let me help you…” says Dora (Claudia Ohana).

Dora will put her hand on Theo’s forehead and suddenly she faints! 😱

“I haven’t felt such a heavy energy in a long time. Where’s Theo? He has to get out of here!” Dora will say when she wakes up.

Go in Faith: Fábio convinces Dora to let Theo stay at Lumiar – Photo: Globo

But Fabio will let Theo stay until he speaks to Lumiere. The father will advise the daughter to tell the truth to the businessman.

“Daughter, please do as we always teach you. Tell him the truth. If one of them, Benjamin or Theo, is the father, he has a right to know.”

But Lumiar will dry up with her dad:

“This is none of your business.”

Go in Faith: Fabio Lumiere advises telling Theo the truth about Sol and Jennifer – Image: Globo

Will Lumiere provide the answers Theo is searching for so much? Don’t miss the next chapters of the TV series at 7!

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