Globo takes action with Marcos Mion following Sonia Abrão’s suspension and is taking action

Globo takes action with Marcos Mion after Sonia Abrão’s comment and reaction (Photo: Reproduction – Globo – RedeTV! / Edit – RD1)

Sonia AbramWho does not hide from anyone how much he loves Marcus MunjThey celebrated on their social networks the invitation of the presenter Globe to continue to drive boiler Next year.

The completion of the communication program according to the owner of the program afternoon to you, it happened after she said in a post that he deserved the opportunity to continue open television broadcasting.

“Look what I said on September 4th about MION’s debut in CALDEIRÃO! And there was nothing else: GLOBO WAKE UP and now he’s the owner and no longer a renter at that time”, he wrote.

“Mion will be selected as host of Saturday Afternoon Show! Well deservedly!”contractor TV network!.

In the field of comments for the publication, Mionzera thanked the journalist for the fans. “Sonia!!! Thanks for the fans and always support!! “, reaction.

The broadcaster, for those who don’t know, will remain in Caldeirão until the end of the year, but the station supported the decision. Myon of course He was celebrated by bringing up the topic on his Instagram.

“It happened! The dream came true… Saturday afternoon on TV Globo is ours! I’m just tears and gratitude! I love you, who lives everything with me! Thank God. Thank you, Our Lady”, The famous writer, a fan of Nossa Senhora Aparecida, wrote on one of the social networks.

In a statement issued by the station, Marcus Mayon also spoke about the matter and celebrated the continuation of his career at Globo. He is also recording a reality show on Multishow and will also have special projects on the paid channel.

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“I am only grateful. I renew my commitment to bring the joy, fun and madness that the Brazilian people need right now. I am happy that, even with all the parties and the surreal reception I received from TV Globo, they make me build my career there step by step.” The artist stated.

Myon also commented, relaying: “It is the only way to build strong roots and unwavering confidence. Even more so when the project is long-term. I lack the words to explain how I feel right now.”


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