Globo submits Adnet, but Faustão nominates Ed Gama for Domingão

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James Leverett recorded on friday (11) Domingu Faustau as a substitute for Fausto SilvaHe was hospitalized with a urinary tract infection, and he shared it with the comedian Ed Gamma VCRs command. The artist was nominated by Sahib on Sunday after Globo introduced him to other comedians from the house for the more traditional part of the show.

In this extraordinary release, the first in 32 years without Fausto Silva, Globo devoted special attention to the videos, which had been broadcast practically from the start of the show, and decided that Leifert couldn’t be alone on stage during the home show videos because it was a moment. More humorous and with a Faustão face, unlike the Super Dance of the Famous, in a specific format. It is common for the presenter to talk to the dancers and make the team repeat the bars that he thinks are the funniest.

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For the more “Faustão” part of Domingão, Globo chose to choose a comedian who knows how to mimic the veteran presenter’s voice and assumes the double-meaning comments he repeats in each video. The column found that one of the artists the network featured was Marcelo Adnet, who had already donned a Faustau costume at attractions such as Sea Goga. Since the recording was already scheduled for Friday, the comedian would be the most practical option to leave Rio de Janeiro and participate in the program in São Paulo.

However, the direction of the program, by joint agreement with Leifert and Faustão himself, chose Ed Gama, who successfully imitated the Internet. It’s nothing new in Domingão: he was the champion of Quem Chega Lá? , a stand-up comedy competition held in 2014, was presented by Saco De Risadas in 2015. In one of his posts, Faustau himself laughed at being imitated in front of you.

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On another occasion, Faustau praised Ed Gama’s voice when he met him at a mall. “Did you hear that brat? His voice is an airplane!” he said to the sellers in the store where they were both. Ed told the truth on his podcast, called Só 1 Minutinho.

In this Friday taping, Ed Gama presented himself with a clean face, despite expectations that he would make up and dress up as Faustau. But the direction of the program decided to present it to the audience who knew it. Exceptionally, Domingão was directed by Boninho.

This isn’t the first time Tiago Leifert and Ed Gama have appeared together on the same show. The comedian has already participated in Zero 1 and collected chart appearances on O Brasil Tá Vendo, on BBB 21, including in the finale, which was won by Juliette Freire. Incidentally, the reality show tripled the number of his Instagram followers. There have even been requests from fans to enter the house.

On Friday evening, Ed Gama posted a series of stories on Instagram, thanking God for his accomplishments. Not to mention the secret participation in Domingão, he was touched when he spoke of faith and dreams come true. Posted by Sonia Abrau, from RedeTV! Friday’s recording.

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