Globo shows Arthur’s lie about voting at home

Globo shows Arthur's lie about voting at home

Dawn after the elimination of the Thais. “BBB 21 ” (TV Globo) He was troubled at home most watched in Brazil. All because of a lie Arthur told that involved a large portion of the detainees. While brothers They were enjoying the leader’s last party, Wednesday’s TV version “used VAR,” recalled the events and showed every detail of the confusion.

Understand gossip

In forming the last wall, Arthur voted for Gilberto. In admission, Kapiksaba made it clear that the vote in Gil was to try to escape the wall. As we have seen, the strategy did not work, as the economist got only two votes – from Arthur and Buckah.

The next day, Crossvettro told Caillou and Pocah that he would not disclose his vote for the economist. Arthur said, “If he asks, I say no.” Caio agreed with his friend’s stance: “Yes, you don’t have to say anything.”

BBB 21: Arthur says he won’t reveal Gilberto’s vote for his brother

Photo: Play / Globoplay

It happened that at dawn, after eliminating the Thais, Camilla, Gilberto, Juliet, and Fiet Tube began to speculate that Arthur’s vote was a generation.

In it, he said, the transport worker told him he voted for a generation. Camilla, in turn, confirmed that Arthur had stated that he would not be used as a voting criterion to receive the monster’s punishment.

Pernambuco made no secret of his disappointment considering that the former competitor would have voted on him now. An upset Jill said, “For me it is important to know, I thought I understood, maybe not.”

“I asked indirectly, but I didn’t ask directly why he was on the wall. Now I have to ask, otherwise it consumes me,” the brother continued, explaining that he thought Arthur would tell him and that he had concluded that the brother was going to vote for Joao.

BBB 21: Jill considers it to have received a vote from Arthur - cloning / Globoplay - cloning / Globoplay

BBB 21: Jill is considered to have received a vote from Arthur

Photo: Play / Globoplay

She was then she became Juliet decided to question Arthur’s vote and hinted that he voted for Joao Luiz.

The brother said, “He is someone who is not close to me.” Paraíba then questioned whether the vote was motivated by receiving the monster punishment and Arthur asserted:

“Not because of the beast, but because of proximity,” he said, adding that he never voted for Rudolfo, even though his brother punished him with the monster while reality.

Joao Louise, Angel of the Week, gave Arthur and Pocah the monster punishment last Friday and the couple wore ferns.

BBB 21: Arthur Talks About Voting With Juliet In The Bathroom - Clone / Globoplay - Clone / Globoplay

BBB 21: Arthur Talks About Voting With Juliet In The Bath

Photo: Play / Globoplay

Gossip ready, just pass it on!

Shortly thereafter, Juliet told Viih Tube what Arthur had told him.

“Arthur told me it wasn’t a Jill,” said Juliet, surprise to VieTube. “Something is wrong,” Fei replied.

“What did he say to you?” Asked the influencer. The make-up artist replied, “From Joao’s voice. Really, Vittoria.”

The sisters imagined that they had misunderstood recent conversations with Arthur as he indicated that he would vote for Gilberto. “He wasn’t lying about his vote here. Or he was going to say, ‘I don’t want to speak,’ but the lie, the audience sees the lie,” Fei said.

BBB 21: Juliet and Feet talk about Arthur in the bathroom - cloning / Globoplay - cloning / Globoplay

BBB 21: Juliet and Feet talk about Arthur in the bathroom

Photo: Play / Globoplay

And I got to Joao!

There was suspicion about Juliet and Feet if they exposed the (false) vote of Arthur and Joao, But, for a change, they count. Paribana called João, who was out in the Outer Zone and asked if he really knew what the trio were going to talk about.

Voting [do Arthur]? The geography teacher answered: It’s either me or a generation.

“That’s you,” said Juliet. “I think it is,” said Joao, and Juliet confirmed again that Arthur voted for Joao.

FeiTube, then, wanted to tell its side of the story. It was like this: I went to talk to Arthur and he told me his voice. Only I understand “Jill.” Just think it was “Joao.” Then he went to tell her [Juliette] It was Joao, so I guess I got it wrong, ”said the influencer.

“I don’t want to gossip, okay?” Juliet asked. And concluded on YouTube, saying: “You do what you want.”

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After Tai’s eliminated, who deserves to win “BBB 21”?


Globo / Joao Cotta


Globo / Joao Cotta


Globo / Joao Cotta


Globo / Joao Cotta


Globo / Joao Cotta


Globo / Joao Cotta


Globo / Joao Cotta


Globo / Joao Cotta


Globo / Joao Cotta

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