Globo makes a “soap opera owl” and will reproduce Cara e Coragem at dawn

Globo makes a "soap opera owl" and will reproduce Cara e Coragem at dawn

Globo made another change to its programming schedule. The broadcaster will have a selection of current radio series at dawn, right after the Conversa com Biel, and on Saturdays, after Supersin. The person selected for the first time in the new table was face and couragea new plot of the seven to be shown for the first time next Monday (30).

The company seeks to appeal to audiences who could not watch soap operas in traditional times. According to a column by Patrícia Kogut, of O Globo newspaper, Cara e Coragem was chosen for containing elements that could be appealing to a younger audience, which accounts for a third of TVs connected to the channel in this range.

Globo had already set up a track for the re-show in the afternoon, showing O Cravo ea Rosa, to face the painting Hora da Venenosa, by Record, who was a thorn in his side. The strategy had an effect and improved the audience’s performance at this time from the broadcaster, who still retained Vale a Pena Ver de Novo after Sessão da Tarde.

Written by Claudia Soto, Kara and Courage Promises full of action and adventure, with the “Indiana Jones aura”, as defined by the author. The story will revolve around acrobats Pat (Paula Oliveira) and Moa (Marcelo Cerrado), who struggle to pay the bills at the end of the month.

Everything changes when he is approached by businesswoman Clarice (Tice Araujo), who offers them a good sum of money so the two can retrieve a valuable folder in a hard-to-reach place. They agree, but soon find themselves amid a dark web of intrigue.

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Later, Clarice is murdered, and the two team up with her boyfriend, tala (Paulo Lisa), to investigate the crime, and set up a stunt agency called

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